City Showcase

Are you booking new & emerging music acts to perform at this City Showcase event?

City Showcase responded on 10/06/2015

Hi Jonathan,
Thank you for your question.
Finding The Future aims to provide some useful tips and advice when it comes to new and emerging talent. Therefore we have one artist per each day perform who have just been signed and hope that the discussion between artist, management/label/publisher will bring up information that will be really helpful for those trying to get noticed by music companies.
Our other City Showcase events, such as Embankment Summer Market and Apple Sessions, are also about new talent and provide a great platform for those starting out. We will send out a similar email once these dates are confirmed asking for applications for performers.
Finding The Future is such a helpful and inspiring event (and free!) and I really recommend you come down - we have great speakers and panellists who have a great depth of knowledge of the industry and will provide some necessary and useful advice that many will be able to take away and put into practice.
All the best,

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